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 Imposter - April 2020

In this event, players received four messages by other players mixed with one generated by an AI and needed to determine which one was generated by the bot. The third iteration of the Sneknet collected results from each round to determine which of the five messages was generated by the bot. With enough data, the correct answer could automatically be selected.

 RPAN - August 2019

RPAN is a streaming event with a cap on streamers and length. The Snakeroom was able to stream before its initial launch although Reddit admins quickly shut this down. Once the event went live, the Snakeroom used a script that sniped slots and allowed users to broadcast from an OBS stream, bypassing the intended limitation of streaming from a mobile device and allowing Snakeroom members to create "Place Live" and "RPAN Plays Pokémon".

 Sequence - April 2019

During this event, players were able to upload and vote on GIFs, with the highest-upvoted GIFs selected to become part of the final video. The second iteration of the Sneknet locked in select GIFs using the power of Snakeroom participants, without chancing success on the whims of the wider Reddit community.

 Circle of Trust - April 2018

During Circle of Trust, each player could create a single circle with a passcode of their choice. Players could share their passcode with others so that their circle could gain more members, but doing so allowed further spread of the passcode and the ability for players to betray the circle, ending it. The first iteration of the Sneknet made players join a circle from a command sent on the backend and added anyone running the extension before the circle could be betrayed.

 Snakeroom Begins - March 2018

In the leadup to Circle of Trust, the community founded The Snakeroom Alliance after discovering the subreddit r/snakeroomtest, with many believing it to be part of the event. Eventually, the name was shortened to simply The Snakeroom and a development team was formed to interact with the upcoming event.

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